By Sheila Duncan

The Alabama Department of Environmental Management has awarded Perry County a $1.6 million grant for water system improvements, and Uniontown has received $800,000 for a new water well to provide additional water access for its citizens. The Perry County Water Authority will be able to extend its services to more customers while still providing high-quality water to rural areas, thanks to the grant funds. The Perry County Commission has collaborated with both the Perry County and Uniontown Water Authorities to guarantee that the people and businesses they serve have access to clean, fresh drinking water without increasing rates.

Perry County submitted a “wish list” of approximately $16 million worth of projects they would like to undertake. However, in order to receive additional funding from the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM), the water authorities must demonstrate that they are utilizing the money they have already been awarded in the correct manner and for the intended projects.

After discussing the project with ADEM Director Lance LeFleur, the original grant for water tank maintenance was increased to include new water lines and service from the Sprott community to the Chilton County line.

Once the two projects by Perry County and the one project by Uniontown have been finished, they can return for further enhancements and extensions.

(Source: bbn)