Special to the Marion Times Standard

The motion to approve a county-owned ambulance service was passed with a vote of 3-1, with one absentee (D5). Anthony Long proposed the motion which was seconded by Brett Harrison.

The new service will operate two trucks throughout the county at an ALS service level. The second hub will be open in August as staffing is added. Manager Glenn Crawford expressed his intentions to be of service to the residents and patient care. He states that delays and no-shows are a thing of the past.

The move to secure its ambulance service was predicated on the lack of a reliable contracted service. Reports were made that the contracted service was in breach of its contract to provide service to the residents of Perry County. The contractor was notified of their breach and that the county would seek another bid or develop its service.

The efforts to start the service came at a cost to taxpayers. The commission-ordered delay alone costs $20,000.00. Additionally, the county had to pay the outgoing service $86,250.00 for covering the first quarter, despite the two-week self-imposed delay. After notification of the breach and the termination of the contract, the previous contractor offered reduced services with only one ambulance serving the county. Nevertheless, the county refused to enter into a contract with the reduced services.

(Source: Perry County Commission)