Stacker compiled statistics about the unemployment rate in Perry County using data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics . County and metro unemployment rates are as of April 2023.

Perry County had a 3.4% unemployment rate in April 2023, marking a 0.6 percentage point decrease from a month ago. Alabama reported a 2.2% unemployment rate in May, which is the sixth lowest in the country. The national unemployment rate rose last month to 3.7% but is still 0.1 percentage points higher than last year.

Counties with the highest unemployment rate in Alabama

#1. Wilcox County: 6.0%

#2. Greene County: 4.0%

#3. Clarke County: 3.7%

#4. Dallas County: 3.5%

#5. Perry County: 3.4%

Counties with the lowest unemployment rate in Alabama

#1. Shelby County: 1.3%

#2. Cullman County: 1.4%

#2. Madison County: 1.4%

#2. Marshall County: 1.4%

#2. Morgan County: 1.4%

(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)