Alabama Governor Kay Ivey proclaimed October 23-28, 2023 as Alabama Extension Week. Alabama Extension is governed by the leadership of Drs. J. Mike Phillips, Auburn University and Majed Dweik, Alabama A&M University.  

On Wednesday, October 25, 2023 The Perry County Extension Office hosted Open House from 2:00-4:00 pm. Members of the community were welcomed by Katrina Easley, County Extension Coordinator along with local office staffers, Melanie Hogue, Administrative Support Associate and Stephannie Nixon, 4-H Foundation Regional Extension Agent.  

During the open house, Katrina engaged stakeholders in mini educational sessions from three of Extension’s major program priority areas. Those program priority areas are Community Development, Agriculture, Forestry & Natural Resources and Human Sciences.  The fourth program priority area is 4-H Youth Development which was facilitated by Stephannie Nixon.  

Stakeholders received incentives and reinforcement aids to promote health & well-being, financial stability, sustainable food systems and youth engagement. Mrs. Walta Mae Kennie was presented with a water bath canning set for providing the most accurate responses in the area food safety. With the wealth of knowledge and incentives received, Donna Bennett stated “Extension’s Open House feels like trick or treating for adults.” 

Alabama Extension is a partnership between Auburn and Alabama A&M universities. The System takes research-based recommendations and practical knowledge to stakeholders in all corners of the state. Through a network of county offices and regional centers, Alabama Extension makes meaningful impacts in the lives of Alabamians in each of the state’s 67 counties. Alabama Extension began as a service for rural Alabama residents making decisions on farms and in outlying areas of the state.  

In recent years, Alabama Extension’s mission has evolved to encompass a broader scope and cater to the evolving needs of Alabama’s diverse communities. Today, Extension continues its land-grant mission by providing science-based recommendations from the front yard to the farm and everywhere in between. Alabama Extension has an extensive network of educators who work tirelessly as intermediaries between research institutions and the people who can benefit most from their work — ensuring that Extension’s resources are accessible to everyone, from urban centers to rural areas. Visit to learn more about Alabama Extension.   

The Perry County Extension staff would like to thank all community members for attending Open House.  Special thanks to Mrs. Frances Ford, County Health Coordinator, Mrs. Cornelia May, Senior Aid, Mrs. Michelle Jackson, Perry County Commission and Mr. Roy Fikes, Perry County Sheriff’s Department for your assistance in making our Open House a success. 

The Perry County Extension Office is located at 1710 South Washington Street, Marion; hours of operation are Monday- Friday, 7:30 am- 4:00 pm.  Stop by for a visit or call 334-683-6888 with questions. Follow us on Facebook at Perry County Extension Office (Alabama). Everyone is welcome! 


(Source: PC Extension Office)