Albert Turner, Jr., Chairman of the Perry County Commission, is a pledged delegate for Presidential candidate Joe Biden in the Alabama Presidential Primary taking place on March 5, 2024. He was nominated by Congresswoman Terri Sewell to become a preferential delegate for Biden in the 7th Congressional District. His name will appear on the March 7th ballot, and he will attend the Chicago Convention as a preferential pledged Biden delegate from the 7th District. 

Chairman Turner’s recent visit to both the Delta Summit in New Orleans and the White House in Washington DC has firmly established him as an influential figure within the Democratic Party. His collaborative working relationship with Congresswoman Terri Sewell, a major influencer in the U. S. Congress, has further bolstered his connection to the Biden-Harris Administration. 

Chairman Turner recently attended the Delta Leadership Summit, where he acknowledged the investment of hundreds of millions of dollars in Perry County for housing, roads, and water resources. He further stated that Perry County would have a unique opportunity to increase its affordable housing market over the next few years, emphasizing the importance of single-family housing in strengthening the county’s tax base. The summit was attended by Teirdre Owens, of Rep. Sewell’s office, and Dr. Corey Wiggins, National Co-Chair of the Delta Regional Authority, and Chairman Turner, as seen in the photo. 

(source Turner Media)