Perry County hosted the West Alabama Housing Summit, in partnership with USDA, Sowing Seeds of Hope, and the Chairman’s Office of the Perry County Commission.  

The summit, spearheaded by Chairman Albert Turner, Jr., focused on promoting access to home ownership and home repairs for existing homeowners in the county. In addition to highlighting the importance of housing in Perry County, the summit also featured discussions on an upcoming plan to address the housing crisis and infrastructure needs in the area. Given the recent grant funding allocated to Perry County from Hurricanes Sally and Zeta, the summit also discussed how these funds will be utilized to improve infrastructure, boost economic development, and prepare for future storm mitigation efforts.  

The summit also provided valuable information on individual housing financing programs and government initiatives to rehabilitate homes. Furthermore, attendees had the opportunity to learn about funding options for the Inez Barnett-Coretta Scott-King Center, which aims to alleviate housing shortages in the event of a major storm in Perry County.