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Advertising on the Bibb Voice gives you an advantage in multiple ways:

  • Reach Bibb County, Alabama, local residents where they view more content than anywhere else … on their smartphones, tablets, and computers!
  • Pay less per ad cycle than you would with printed media.
  • With in-article placement (top insert, middle insert, or bottom insert), get your ad seen every time a reader opens an article post. Don’t gamble on someone seeing it on the bottom of page 8. Put it in the middle of the article they are reading! Or have it embedded in the video they are watching!
  • Get thousands of ad impressions per month, by thousands of local residents, to maximize the value of your advertising dollars.
  • Always color, still image ads may be designed by you, or by Bibb Voice professional graphics design staff.
  • Video is an option, at reasonable rates much lower than television advertising!
  • Simplified pricing compared to printed media.
  • Easy to extend ad run duration or change ad content (for static ads not embedded in videos).
  • Get seen by fresh eyes daily, and get a report monthly of your ad’s verified number of views.

Where can your ad appear on the Bibb Voice website?

Note that Sidebar ads will appear between the article body and the footer when viewed on mobile devices.

Special rates for the 2020 Political Advertising season are below. If you need a video ad, contact us at to discuss your project and get a quote for video ad production.

See this example of political video ad production: