By Sheila Duncan

Sports provide a thrilling avenue of opportunity for kids to be creative, stay active, and gain invaluable lessons in success and failure. From learning how to work in a team-oriented setting to the feeling of improved self-confidence, sports offer more than just physical exertion and fun; they equip kids with the skills and knowledge to excel in life.

Sports offer numerous benefits to students, such as tactical, mental, and physical training. This can help improve students’ focus and concentration, which can in turn lead to greater academic success. Furthermore, taking part in sports teaches discipline and cultivates collaboration, two important skills for any endeavor. Thus, sports provide invaluable lessons which can be considerably beneficial in achieving academic accomplishments.

Safety equipment student athletes wear while participating in school sports is crucial in preventing and lessening the impact of sports-related injuries. Uniforms, shoes, and other supplies need to be provided for student athletes to be able to best perform during sports events.

At Francis Marion School, our priority is making sure we can provide our students with these tools and resources to be successful. Athletics is a big part of school for most students. With support and involvement from the community with the students, can make a difference and enables us to lay the groundwork for our student athletes. The steering committee’s primary goal is to raise the awareness of this community issue for our youth. Get involved today with these students. Reach out to the school and see how you can help.