As the temperatures cool and leaves start to change colors, Alabama gardeners need to begin preparing their plants for the fall season. With the right care, your flowers and vegetables can thrive through the autumn months and make it through to winter. Here are some tips for taking care of your plants this fall season in Alabama:  

Clean Up: Begin by cleaning up the garden, removing any dead leaves or rotting vegetables. This will make it easier to maintain your plants and prevent any diseases or pests from taking hold.  

Prune: Prune your trees, bushes, and other plants to encourage healthy new growth. This will allow your plants to become more compact as well as help eliminate diseases.  

Fertilize: Fertilize your plants with a balanced food. This will help create strong roots and new growth.  

Mulch: Adding a layer of mulch to your plants will help to protect the root system of your plants. This will allow them to stay warm and insulate them from the cold.  

Water: Be sure to water your plants regularly during the fall. As days get shorter and temperatures lower, avoid overwatering by measuring how much water is needed for each plant.  

Good garden maintenance and preparation during the fall season will help ensure that your plants make it through the colder months ahead. With some extra care and attention, you can ensure that you have a fruitful harvest come the spring.