Now that the election is over the Chairman of the Perry County Commission is set to hold a series of meetings with newly elected officials to discuss their priorities.  

First of the meetings will be with the new Probate Judge Elect Carlton Hogue. Hogue is looking to modernize the office by going digital on the records and updating the webpage of the office and he also stressed his desire to allow citizens to access records and renew hunting and fishing licenses online.  

Chairman Turner  is looking forward to fresh new leadership in the Probate Office that is willing to work together with the Commission and he believes the Probate Judge-Elect will come in with common sense solutions and ideals that will move the office in the 21st century and said he would work with the new Probate Judge to make any changes needed to move the office forward in the 21st century. Chairman Turner hinted that he would also like to see expanding the office staff and to bring on an election clerk, that would be responsible for all election-related affairs. The Chairman stated concerns over last week’s election noting that candidates were not allowed to inspect the machines nor the ballots. A voter reported to the Chairman that candidates’ names did not appear on some ballots. If there had been two sets of eyes on the process this would have been less likely to happen.