(Marion, AL) – August 21, 2023 — Distinguished singer, songwriter, and producer Alvin Garrett is once again commanding attention with his electrifying soulful new single, “’Til I Get Back To You.” 

Serving as the lead track from his highly anticipated album “SFTY (Safety),” Garrett’s artistic evolution takes center stage. 

With a career spanning nearly 15 years as a solo recording artist, he consistently weaves together timeless musical treasures that are poised to captivate a new wave of admirers. 

Alvin says, “I poured my heart and soul into ‘Til I Get Back To You.’ This song is a sonic expression of longing, hope, and the power of reconnecting. Disappointments and rejection can often lead to a disconnect from one’s dreams and aspirations. This almost happened to me, but my love for music kept pushing me to “get back.” I believe that music has the incredible ability to bridge distances and emotions, and I hope that ‘Til I Get Back To You’ resonates with everyone who listens, bringing a sense of love and connection.” 


His journey into the limelight gained momentum in 2015 with the release of his radio hit “By Myself,” a track that recently found its place in the motion picture “Emily The Criminal.” 

Hailing from Alabama, the versatile artist boasts an impressive collection of awards, including a Grammy nomination, as well as accolades from the Soul Train, Dove, and Stellar Awards. 

Alvin Garrett’s songwriting mastery has left an indelible mark on the works of esteemed artists such as Joe, Kelly Rowland, Fantasia, Ruben Studdard, Jordan Knight, and Deitrick Haddon, among others. 

Yet, his influence extends beyond the realm of music. A dedicated mentor and philanthropist, he has partnered with the reentry program, The Dannon Project, in his hometown of Birmingham, AL.Through his innovative songwriting therapy program, “The Write Life,” he employs a collaborative and therapeutic approach to teach conflict resolution and team-building skills. 


This collaboration with The Dannon Project underscores his commitment to aiding at-risk youth and young adults in overcoming challenges through personal and career development. 

The release of “’Til I Get Back To You” sets the stage for Alvin Garrett’s forthcoming album “SFTY (Safety),” which promises to encapsulate his artistic journey and serve as a testament to his unwavering commitment to his craft.  

With a sound that resonates deeply and philanthropic efforts that inspire, Alvin Garrett continues to shine as a symbol of creativity and compassion.  

Furthermore, Alvin Garrett defies simple categorization. He embodies the role of a Pioneer of Inspirational Soul, drawing on over two decades of diverse experience in the entertainment industry. 

This Alabama-born preacher’s son has seamlessly woven threads of hope and inspiration into his music, whether it’s R&B, Gospel, Pop, or Jazz. 

Garrett’s gift for songwriting, his infectious smile, and his spine-tingling voice has evoked comparisons to soul music legends like Sam Cooke and Al Green. 

In 2020, amidst the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and societal unrest, Garrett recorded and released a thought-provoking EP, “The Awakening,” which he describes as “musical activism.” After the heaviness of that moment in history, Garrett responded by illuminating spirits and bringing levity with his enchanting project, “The Lightness of Love” in 2021. 

The lead single, “My Gift To You,” immediately transports listeners to a Cloud 9 experience, a sentiment that permeates the entire album. Reflecting on the inspiration behind this project, Garrett shared, “While ‘The Awakening’ sparked introspective conversations, ‘The Lightness of Love’ aimed to lift the heaviness.” 

Garrett began his artistic journey with his debut album in 2012, “Expose Yourself,” which was hailed as a remarkably sensual R&B offering. In 2019, he unveiled his second full-length album, “This HILL,” a testament to his life’s lessons and his personal mantra—”Because of HOPE, I have the INSPIRATION to pursue what I LOVE at the risk of LOSS.” This album also laid the foundation for his independent label, HILL Entertainment. 

When asked about a genre-specific label, Garrett responds with a simple yet profound declaration, “I am a pioneer of inspirational soul music.” Through the harmonious blend of his music and his impactful endeavors, Alvin Garrett’s legacy continues to resonate as a beacon of inspiration and creativity. 

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