Alabama Treasurer Young Boozer and Perry County Chairman Turner

The State of Alabama is essential to the success of Citizens Trust in Uniontown 

Citizens Trust, a Georgia chartered bank, currently operates two branches in Alabama and is planning to open a third in the near future. 

Chairman Turner and Alabama State Treasurer Young Boozer met in Orange Beach, Alabama on August 23 to discuss the possibility of increasing the State’s deposits in Citizens Trust Bank in pursuit of the bank’s goal of amassing $15 million in deposits for its Uniontown location. Their decision to meet with the bank’s officers the following week demonstrates their commitment to finding a solution that would provide greater security to the Uniontown area. Treasurer Boozer strongly believes that increased State deposits could be incredibly advantageous for the area and has expressed his hope that by working with the bank the goal of reaching the desired deposit threshold in Uniontown will be achieved.  

Chairman Turner was in high spirits following his conversation with Mr. Boozer about the State’s commitment to investing in minority-owned banks. Acknowledging Alabama’s successful eight-year period of economic stability, Mr. Boozer affirmed the need to spread the benefits of such growth throughout the state.