The final stages of the Albert Turner-Jimmie Lee Jackson Memorial Highway project are drawing near, with construction crews busy installing the asphalt surface. Once finished, the entire highway from the Dallas County line to the Marion City limits will be marked, complete with center and outside lines. 

Phase One of the project was completed, with reflectors and a center stripe redone from County Road 6 to the Marion City limits. The outside stripe was then added as part of the new resurfacing of the road. The second phase has been completed, resulting in a new wearing surface along the historic route as the beginning leg of the Selma to Montgomery National Trail. The third and final phase of the project will involve the installation of signage along the highway from the Marion City limits to the Dallas County line. This phase is expected to be completed by the end of August. 

Chairman Turner of the Perry County Commission recently praised the Turner-Jackson Highways project, noting that it is the busiest county road in the county. The project is being supported by the Rebuild Alabama Road program as well as a $250,000.00 grant awarded by Governor Kay Ivey through the ATRIP II program. All in all, this million-dollar project offers an opportunity for economic growth and improved infrastructure.