Encouraging the County Commissions within the 4th Judicial Circuit to consider including additional funding within their annual budget, District Attorney Robert Turner Jr. hopes that this will allow his office to hire more crucial positions that might enhance their current efforts to put a cap on crime rates within the Black Belt. He will be approaching commissions this month in hopes of getting funds included in their annual budgets to help law enforcement with much needed resources to catch the criminals which would help in a large decline in crimes. 

District Attorney Turner quoted “I believe that the safety of the community should be a top priority of every elected official.   In order for that community to be protected, all branches of government should work together to strengthen one another.  The commitment of the Perry County Commission to the works of our office is greatly appreciated and if we are included in the budget by the commission, it would greatly bolster our efforts in the DA’s office to work faster, more efficiently and more effectively in our pursuit of justice for the people of Perry County.” 

The DA’s office is already running on a tight budget, due to the difficulty in collecting court costs and restitution from litigants. This small percentage of funds, while essential for the office’s functioning, cannot be collected from those who are unable to pay. The Victim Service Officers are overwhelmed with their current duties and lack the resources and time to assist with the growing backlog of crime victims’ cases. 

In need of paralegals, case assistants, as well as investigators, the District Attorney’s office, if these requested funds were allotted, would have more resources to address a backlog of cases that need attention. Furthermore, it would aid Turner in prosecuting cases to bring victims of crime justice in Wilcox, Dallas, Hale, Perry, and Bibb Counties.  

These investigators will fulfill their responsibility of being impartial fact-finders and conduct discussions with individuals who had not been reached by law enforcement or have newly acquired pertinent information since the case had been handed to the DA.