On Monday, December 11th the Black Belt Community Foundation held its 20th anniversary of the Black Belt Community Foundation (BBCF) with a Gala.  

Dr. David K. Wilson, President of Morgan State University and Chairman Albert Turner, Jr. in attendance. Dr. Wilson, a native of the Black Belt region in Marengo County, was not only a distinguished guest but also a founding member of the BBCF who delivered the keynote address at the gala. This special occasion also marked a significant milestone for the BBCF as it has awarded over $600,000 during the first round of COVID funding. This accomplishment exemplifies the foundation’s dedication to supporting and empowering the communities within the Black Belt region. Perry County, a service community member of the BBCF, has also been a beneficiary of the foundation’s financial support. This is just one example of how the BBCF’s mission to address poverty, education, and community development in the Black Belt region has positively impacted and uplifted the lives of individuals and communities.