Press Release

Dexter Hinton, Mayor of The City of Marion, has announced the Marion City Council has unanimously voted to accept the ADEM funding designed to begin upgrades to the City of Marion Water and Sewerage system.  The entire amount proposed by ADEM for Phases I and II was approved to the tune of 9.2 million dollars, with only a small percentage requiring repayment at a very low interest rate.  

To obtain these grant funds the City of Marion must develop a fiscal sustainability plan (FSP) which will ensure the long-term future financial sustainability for operation and replacement of the water system infrastructure.  This FSP will ensure the normalization of continued upkeep of the water system, something greatly needed for the future of our city.  The representative for ADEM, who attended the City Council Meeting on Monday, October 2, 2023, was quoted as saying, “the funding ADEM is offering is an incredible opportunity for Marion to begin a process which has to be completed one way or the other, and no rate increase is required.”

The procurement of this funding is an incredible first step in cleaning up a water system that has been neglected for 75 years at the very least.  A safe and consistently maintained water system is essential to the well-being of our citizens as well as for the growth of our city. 

Mayor Dexter Hinton is quoted as saying, “our people deserve clean water and the City of Marion is working hard to ensure the water system is cleaned up and well maintained”.  ADEM is providing funding for the first step in this process.  Many thanks to the citizens of our City Council for unanimously voting to back the Mayor in accepting this incredible opportunity from ADEM.  #MovingMarionForward.