The Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program provides eligible seniors with fresh, nutritious, and locally grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs from farmers markets and roadside stands. 

Under this program, each senior citizen who participates will receive a $50 benefit card to use specifically for purchasing fruits and vegetables from certified farmers’ markets or roadside stands in Alabama. To receive the card, seniors can sign up on the FMA website at 

It is advised for seniors to register promptly at the beginning of the year. The application will be accessible starting from January, and the FMA will keep accepting submissions until resources are exhausted. To qualify, seniors need to fulfill the age and income prerequisites stated below. Individuals applying must be at least 60 years old on the date of application AND  

The total household income must not exceed 185% of the 2023-2024 Federal Poverty Guidelines.  

For a household of one, the monthly income must not exceed $2,248. o  

For a household of two, the monthly income must not exceed $3,041. o  

For a household of three, the monthly income must not exceed $3,833. 

By participating in this program, growers can increase their sales and reach a wider customer base, as many consumers seek out locally grown and fresh produce at farmers markets and roadside stands. This can also lead to increased profits for growers, as they can sell their produce directly to consumers without the added costs of shipping and distribution. In addition, the program offers training and resources for growers to improve their farming practices and produce high-quality, marketable crops. This can result in a more sustainable and efficient farming operation for growers. Moreover, being a part of the FMA program can bring recognition and credibility to growers, as they are certified by a reputable organization and listed on the FMA website. This can attract more customers and create a loyal customer base, as consumers increasingly value knowing where their food comes from and supporting local businesses. 

The Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program in Alabama is a great initiative that has proven to be beneficial for both seniors and local growers in the state. This program allows senior citizens to purchase fresh, healthy, and locally grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs from certified farmers’ markets and registered roadside stands. It operates by providing eligible seniors with a $50 benefit card which they can use to buy produce from participating markets and stands. To receive the benefit card, seniors can visit the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries’ Farmers Market Authority (FMA) website at and sign up. It is important for seniors to sign up early in the year as the application becomes available in January and will only be accepted until funds run out. To be eligible for the program, seniors must meet certain age and income requirements. They must be 60 years of age or older at the time of application and their household income must be at or below 185% of the 2023-2024 Federal Poverty Guidelines. This means that for a household of one, the income must be less than $2,248 per month; for a household of two, less than $3,041 per month; and for a household of three, less than $3,833 per month. The benefits of this program are twofold. On one hand, it provides seniors with access to fresh, locally grown produce, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy diet. On the other hand, it supports local growers by creating a demand for their products. Through this program, growers have the opportunity to expand their markets to certified farmers’ markets and roadside stands, which can help increase sales and revenue. For growers to participate in the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program, they must first obtain an Alabama Growers Permit. This can be obtained through the FMA website. Once they have the permit, growers must complete the necessary training and paperwork available on the website. This program presents a great opportunity for growers to tap into a new market and grow their business. In conclusion, the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program in Alabama is a win-win for both seniors and growers. It not only provides seniors with access to fresh and healthy produce, but also supports the local agricultural industry. With this program, seniors can maintain a healthy diet and local growers can expand their business and increase their sales. This initiative promotes healthy eating among seniors and contributes to the growth of the state’s agricultural sector.