It was announced to the Perry County Hospital Board that the ambulance service is now self-sufficient and will no longer require financial support from the Board.  

The service currently has eight employees and recently purchased a new ambulance and a second preowned truck in January. The overnight living quarters have also been renovated, and the service is now receiving regular payments from customers and insurance. The monthly run totals have been steadily increasing, and the community now has more confidence in the ambulance service knowing that it will respond promptly when needed.  

The management team reported that by the end of next month, the subsidy needed for payroll will decrease significantly as the operating account currently has a balance of over $50,000.  

Plans for a critical care hospital in Perry County are also making progress. Chairman Turner received the support and encouragement of Governor Ivey to move forward with the project, utilizing the additional funds provided by the State. The hospital will play a crucial role in accommodating the State-run rehabilitation center outside Uniontown, increasing the quality of life and healthcare in the rural county. 

(source Turner media)