According to the famous opossum Sand Mountain Sam, winter may be coming to an early end this year. Sand Mountain Sam is a legendary prognosticating opossum from Albertville, Alabama, who has been making predictions for over a decade.  

On February 2nd, as Sam emerged from his burrow in the small town, he did not see his shadow, indicating an early spring. making Sam a beloved figure in the community. Sam, who is known for his accurate weather predictions, has been right 90% of the time. Every year, thousands of people gather at Sand Mountain to see if Sam sees his shadow or not. If he does not, it means that spring will arrive early, bringing warmer weather and an early end to the cold winter months. This year, Sam’s prediction has caused excitement and relief among many residents of Sand Mountain.  

With the ongoing pandemic and many people spending more time indoors, the thought of an early spring has brought a glimmer of hope and joy to the community. Sam has become somewhat of a local celebrity, with his own fan club and social media following. People from all over the country visit Sand Mountain to catch a glimpse of him and witness his predictions firsthand.