Special to the Times Standard 

The United States Federal Courts have settled the congressional fight brought on by Alabama Republicans in the Alabama State Legislature.  

In a ruling on Tuesday, the special master appointed by the court submitted his choice and both the appeals court and the Supreme Court have agreed on the new lines.  

Alabama will retain seven districts, however, there could be two African Americans representing the citizens of the State of Alabama. If not, there will certainly be two democrats in the seven-district delegation for the first time in a long time. Republicans will have incumbent Jerry L. Carl, 1st Congressional District out of the Republican-rich Baldwin & Mobile counties. Mike Rogers, 3rd Congressional District in East Alabama, Robert Aderholt 4th Congressional District, Northeast Alabama, Gary Palmer, 6th Congressional District in North Central and Dale Strong, 5th Congressional District in the Northern part of the state around Huntsville. Terri Sewell will maintain her Blackbelt-Birmingham and Tuscaloosa district in the 7th.  

(Turner Media)