Francis Marion School recognized October as National Bullying Prevention Month. Ms. Charryse Gorden from Cahaba Mental Health came to share information about the serious problem of bullying that affects many students. Ms. Gorden discussed ways to identify and address bullying behavior. 

Bullying is a serious problem in today’s society. It affects many children and adults and can have long-term consequences on both physical and emotional health. Bullying can happen anywhere and takes many forms, such as physical, verbal or even cyberbullying. The best way to combat bullying is to recognize the signs and take action.  

Physical bullying is the most widely recognized form of bullying. It involves physical contact such as pushing, hitting, and kicking. Children who are victims of physical bullying often suffer from physical injuries and may have difficulty sleeping or suffer from depression, anxiety, and anger.  

Verbal bullying is another form of bullying. It is often referred to as “teasing” and involves words that are intended to hurt. Verbal bullying can involve name-calling, spreading false rumors, or making offensive comments about someone’s appearance or abilities. Victims of verbal bullying often feel embarrassed and insecure as a result.  

Cyberbullying is a relatively new form of bullying and involves the use of technology such as text messages, emails, and social media sites to send messages of hurtful or embarrassing nature. Cyberbullying differs from traditional bullying in that it can make its victims feel isolated and helpless, as the bullying is difficult to escape from.  

No matter what form of bullying is experienced, it is important to recognize the signs and respond in a timely manner. Parents, teachers, and other adults should take the time to talk to and listen to the victims of bullying. It is also important to provide a safe place to discuss any issues, and to take steps to stop the bullying behavior. In addition to the physical and emotional impacts of bullying, it can also have an effect on an individual’s academics and future prospects. It is important to combat bullying in order to create a safe and supportive environment, and to ensure that everyone is treated with the respect they deserve.