The decision to reopen the old Perry County Correctional Center as a rehabilitation center for parolees is proving to be a beneficial move. Spearheaded by Bureau of Pardons and Paroles Director Cam Ward, Alabama State Senator Bobby Singleton, and Perry County Commission Chairman Albert Turner, Jr., the facility opened its doors in April 2022 with the goal of reducing recidivism among parolees.  

Not only does it provide a more humane alternative to sending parole violators back to prison, but it also offers a more effective solution for addressing prison overcrowding. This innovative approach to rehabilitation is a welcome change in the criminal justice system.  

The concept of rehabilitating offenders is not a new one, but the key to its success lies in providing the necessary tools for individuals to turn their lives around. This includes education, skills training, and employment opportunities. Director Ward understood that simply punishing parole violators by sending them back to prison was not an effective solution. Instead, he believed in the power of investing in programs that could change their behavior patterns and reduce the likelihood of re-offending.  

The Uniontown facility is the first of its kind, offering a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation within the criminal justice system. By combining education, technology, job placement, and skills training under one roof, it provides parolees with the necessary resources to successfully re-enter society. 

The decision to reopen the old Perry County Correctional Center is already proving to be a wise and beneficial move. Not only does it offer a more cost-effective alternative to incarceration, but it also addresses the underlying issues that often lead to parole violations. With Senator Singleton and Chairman Turner’s support, Director Ward’s vision has become a reality, and the results are already evident. In just a few short months since its opening, the facility has seen a decrease in the number of parole violators being sent back to prison. This is a promising sign that the new rehabilitation approach is working and that parolees are being given a chance to turn their lives around.  

The reopening of the old Perry County Correctional Center is a step in the right direction for the Alabama criminal justice system. It shows that change is possible and that investing in rehabilitation programs can have a positive impact on individuals and the community as a whole. Thanks to the vision and determination of Director Ward, Senator Singleton, and Chairman Turner, parolees now have the opportunity to break the cycle of incarceration and become productive members of society.